Grammar and Punctuation


The Guardian has published this online grammar and punctuation test. It’s worth a try and is also useful for Junior Certificate (soon to be Junior Cycle) students. When the new Cycle is introduced it seems there will be a Literacy element on which students will be tested in their second year.

The New Junior Cycle English background paper for review, published in Autumn 2012, focuses on Literacy and three main components: Psycho-linguistic perspective; cognitive-psychological perspective and a critical literacy perspective.
The cognitive–psychological perspective is the ‘nuts and bolts’ approach and as the review says, “is often set in opposition to the whole-language approach referred to above (psycho-linguistic). The focus is on the micro-processes of language through the teaching of phonics and drilled approaches to literacy acquisition. This approach begins with the smallest phonemes and graphemes of language and builds them up into words and parts of words. This is the bottom-up approach to literacy development. Viewing these perpectives as incompatible polar opposites is unhelpful.” Here’s the full brief for the review.

It might be useful to look at punctuation with students as the flavours of food; food without its taste is bland and harder to identify, but with flavour and seasoning it’s a full sensory experience. The quiz is a straightforward exercise; Big Blank Page got 13/14. Shameful! See how you fair.


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