Dotter of her Father’s Eyes


The popularity of the graphic book continues to grow. This graphic autobiography-meets-biography is excellent, and recently won the Costa Book Biography section. Hodges Figgis on Dublin’s Dawson Street have moved their graphic book section to a prominent ground floor location while its sci-fi section was ‘beamed down’ to the basement – a clear indication of its customers’ interest in the graphic genre. Mary and Bryan Talbot (a married writer and illustrator) co-penned Dotter of her Father’s Eyes. It merges the autobiography of its author Mary Talbot, whose father was a Joycean scholar, with a biography of Lucia Joyce, James Joyce’s daughter. It’s both funny and poignant – highly recommended. Available in bookshops and on iBooks.


2 thoughts on “Dotter of her Father’s Eyes

  1. I’m reading some of Joyce’s work now and admittedly, since I have never read a graphic novel and am noticing the popularity (my friends keep badgering me to read some), I might pick this up next. At least then when my fiction novels are “beamed down” to basements to make room for graphic novels, I’ll know what the fuss is about 🙂 Thanks for the post!

    D x

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